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World (Intwine)

Evil is but a word that was bourght Upon man by the making of a god Who never redeemed anyone Not even his one and only son Now watch him bleed Open your eyes don't you see It's the world you believe in Open your mouth and scream it oud loud At the world you believe in The world.... Love is just a word that a mother Thought here weeping child after his father Had beaten him with a stick that was made for only One purpose beating that damned carcass Now watch him bleed Look at what we've don again Always taking what we're fed From strings we hang on and live our days In a haze There's a time to work and a time to play And a time to go ease your mind You see this world it is filled with adversity That we're facing all the time And though the cance is slim you feel you can't win Still remember dreams can come true Put it's the things you believe that will help you achieve Your reality's upon you People love yourselves because no one can take your place No one at all Stay true to yourself and never let them change your ways No one at all