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Keep Your Hands Off (Hopes Die Last)

Keep your fuckin hands off Maybe you think you're tough Because you wear some leather You think that I'm afraid And it's so funny brother If you wanna try You gotta make it better Cause I'm the one who will ruin all your dreams forever Keep your hands off That's what I suggest Don't even look at them Don't wake the devil up Don't fuck with me again I know what's going on Just not sure if you do This is the end of your trip if you don't let them go She said Hold me when you're trembling He said Stand up till you're dead Forever and ever They will live in me Keep your hands off You will see me there When I kill your brothers Can't wait for you to stare While I kill your daughter Then you'll see me there When I walk away I'm the bad guy that leads you to the better place I don't give a shit About the things you say I have seen so many Ended up praying Praying in front of me Doing it silently Cause they knew that I don't like to hear apologies I don't give a shit