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Sidney Shown (Hopes Die Last)

I'm here to say goodbye cause I'm sick I can't deny wish your face down on the floor cause I can't take it anymore I saw the shape of things to come I've seen them all I've seen just some so you have no mercy it seems I can be worse than what you deem I didn't mean to give it away 'cause I'm coming back and this is what I hide It's for you there's something you should see for every time you lied I'm taking back was mine For a forest's will a horse was lost For a horse's will a horseman lost For a horseman's will a battle lost For a battle's will a kingdom lost It was ever less than a treason To yield with a grace to reason chasing all the sake you stole chasing all the sake you stole Thought this life was worth to be lived with you No turning backs when patience fails, Leave your drama in fairytales, Crawling in the shadow of your soul Chasing all the sake you, Chasing all the sake you stole