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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Owl Waltz (Seabear)

It's hard to wake up when you're not sleeping It's hard to make it mean something when it means nothing at all Hear her call, in vain I slept for a year Until I pulled your hair I fell down the stairs So glad, I found you there Time to forget your mistakes and regrets Sometimes I swore your mind was& worse than trap doors And on long black nights When my hope had died You (were a friendly life) So I let the werewolf fowl I let the lonely nights (Happen by) I put the down on you Turned off my lantern Then I (slept by your feet) And when you come out or you're somewhere in town All will (drown in sound) And no sleep, no light No rapid type twister soared On the (frozen ground) Let's get a hold of now So many thoughts (To dream about) Some nights I swear there was magic in the air