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I Don't Like You Anymore (The Last Shadow Puppets)

I don't like you anymore And fallen for the phone again Enticed me for a second time today Only for me to realize the same R: I don't like you anymore Cracked and your face is changing You're going down the old route But I can't let your repeat and repeat it again The sound of your voice Is piercing my patience As you turn through the midnight corridors Can we keep in your resent Retire to the setting a hint Drying in an old familiar cast Twitching as I fear it's far too late Cause I don't like you anymore I don't like you anymore R: And there's stuff in the corridors There is no escape from these No offense to your trap and be your disease Well you are just a something to cease And you swear that you think that you tease But you pout which is about And your final lie can be described as fine It can be described as fine