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Used to Be My Girl (The Last Shadow Puppets)

Colour pictures of re-entry voices calling down the hall I wanted you to know you’re the only one that bent me this far out of shape don’t make no mistake I’m a liar, I’m a cheat a leech, a thief the outside looks no good and there ain’t nothing underneath darling can’t you see my heart melted in the heat my heart melted in the heat like yours First impressions of the century two way mirror one way street good cop bad cop routine black-light animal print boogie left in a heap a kiss on either cheek I’m a phoney, I’m a fake a fraud, a snake gimme all your love so I can fill you up with hate girl I’m in a state my heart melted yesterday my heart melted yesterday like yours The odyssey came down kind of hard on me The here and now so suddenly became a different world Finally I slipped out of reality It must all be imaginary She used to be my girl Used to be my girl Used to be my girl Used to be my girl Used to be my girl