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Someday (Guy)

I got something to tell everybody out there Sometimes you may feel like life have you in bondage You don't know which way to turn And you just feel like deep down inside, God, You have to help me But take it from me, someday It may not be your day or the day that you want it to happen But someday we'll all be free I got a message to tell y'all I want y'all to listen to me Listen very, very carefully 'Cause it's a short story, with a big message Someday, someday we'll all be free, listen Even though, right now you may be going through Somehow you wear a smile Rainy days don't wash away the pain inside No, you can't hide, lift your hands to the sky In our life we all need some relief We all need peace to fulfill our destiny I don't know what tomorrow may bring But all I know is someday, we'll all be free Someday, we'll all be free Someday, we'll all be free Someday, we'll all be free ...