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Black Candles (Oz)

Howling on the/under northern wind is deafening your ears The feel of being all alone brings back unanswered fears Ice cold breeze hits you hard, it freezes all your way The dream it fills your brains Oh! They tie you to the altar and they take your clothes away The breeze that makes them do this thing they all around her sway Revenge appears to go, your heart is pumping fast This night will be your last *Black candles burning brighter than the everlasting light Black candles make it possible to sense the evil might Black candles burning hotter than the all-eternal flame Black candles make it all so clear, it's not a harmless game *Repeat You wake up in the forest covered up the ice and snow But you never go, you cannot feel the final crashing blow You played up then as you do now, you see it all pass by Now you are to decay