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Rock On (Oz)

These iron hearts Are bleeding next to mine Please let the feeling take you higher and higher Forgotten soldiers Standing by my side If you must fight, you do it Fire with fire Don't go - Don't go Don't go - Don't go I can't remember It was a million years ago When we were young So young and unsure Thru' the ages like a dynamo Ohh baby we're flying Like a thousand times before Hod on - Hold on Woo-o yee-e Hold one, get ready to blast Rock on, so long as you last Stand up, get ready to go Rock on tonight No pretending Oh, nothing to prove Let the stages lead you Higher in life, ooh No, no more don't play the fool If you must fight you do it Fire with fire Hold on - Hold on Woo-o yee-e Chorus... Stormy wind in your hair Are we ready to go... There's so much to be share'd When we're chasing the beat Chorus 2x