I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song) (Suga Free)

I just wanna put that shit down To where that shit was (OK) Y'know what I'm sayin? Nigga we used to be up in that motherfucker You know what I'm sayin? Nigga.. used to call Black Tone collect and shit (um hum) Y'know what I'm sayin? I call a house collect, even a shop, you know? (yeah) Y'know what I'm sayin? It's the one Ni... OK, yes Y'know what I'm sayin? (right) Everytime, it never fail, dog (yeah) Like, like, homie, I'm hurtin' man Nigga, I'm, nigga, I, tsh Don't worry about nothin' Ril-Rock Don't worry about nothin' nigga And man, I used to beat on walls, man Bounce, just check this, man, just check this shit out It's about the County Jail and shit homie Just check this shit out You know, shit like that Y'know, nigga just beat on the table and shit (mm-hmm) Man, man I wanna go home I said a who, who's that baller, baby, I wanna come home I'm gettin' tired, of this dialin' And I, 'em go And then I, got my ski and seed number, 8s-9-6-5-I fo' sho' Yeah, yes a baller, singin, I wanna go home Because I got accessed to DJ Quik, and ??? Pomona, town where the sea bird lake, come from and that's fo' sho' Let me tell you this rap 'bout the county jail When I, lost my hope, c'mon Check it out... Let me flow, like a butterfly on cruise control From the L.A. county jail, get the penn, to parol You know flow, that's so ?? So give a big bow wow, to Suga Free One more dog and French bread Return to the lab to reclaim my fame And see my bitches take the corner Nigga, I ain't nothin' changed But I'ma handcuff yo' ass to the sound And test drive niggas, that's how to touch And bitches that's how to bat I'm steppin' out the penn Bailin' in a cloud of smoke Nizi tizi, ?? ?I had to dive on 'em? loc Now we gon' make or make 'em clap to this Now grab yo' gat, smoke a sac And drink some Cognac and jack to this Both be on the lookout for PPD Them black, them whites Them disco lights and that 3rd strike Cause I'll be damned if I go back to the penn If I unlock my payroll, with a hoe, and do some time again Back in the County with my hair gettin' thinner Because I'm stressin' about my bitch and I wonder who's goin' in her And I'm knowin' that the tramp ain't shit But in the LA County Jail I'ma need that bitch I'm on a roof, up in 95, huh, and I'm broke at that I'm creepin' on niggas, sweepin' That's for goin' with that money sac And G's hittin' niggas up on from where they from Ready to roll, bustas and marks up out of 95 huh But then she in her nails gettin' smart and quiet So put yo' hand on yo' shit And get ready to scrap cause it's another riot Now I'm scrappin' with my hair half braid Because a nigga stole some candy from a ???? So me Ray Dogg, and Trey Parcept That nigga TC from EC and 8-Ball from HT The red rags resent from tree tops, Tony Lang With Nookie Baby John from Foo Town and Pat Together we love some motherfucker stood all at one time They comin' together, some niggas yap Crips and bloods on they way to the home Because we took our phone And motherfuckers and left they face swoll Damn, now they feed a nigga juke balls No action on the phones, no visitors Man I can't wait to go home Who's that baller, should I, I wanna go home I said a who, who's that baller, baby, I wanna go home Mama I ain't really happy here, I really really wanna come home If it wasn't for, you and my sister, I'd be straight all alone Yes a baller, said I, I wanna go home I said a who, who's that baller, baby, I wanna go home Clue Dogg, I know you want to, baby, I wanna come home I really, miss doggs, baby, now she gonna be all alone Love to move, nigga won't you come on home Love to move... [Fades]