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If U Stay Ready (Suga Free)

If I could get a dollar, for everytime you look at me sideways I'll pay the Westside on Friday's to build y'all playa haters y'all own highways Don't trip on me partner, no uh-uh I'm havin' visions of Bloody Mary with AIDS tryin' to give me some nana You can't dictate mines, what I look like to you baby? Besides the feelin' is fine All natural like oat bran, engineered like no other Fly for life, still as a mannequin when it comes to my mother Capricorn baby and I'm stubborn just like you So why don't you do me a favor and tell that lie to that fool Don't get me twisted baby, I love you too But when that rent and that car note come what love gon' do? Baby, my money's on the clock, right around the block You see me stack big knot, my music's all I got So I'm a stay ready so I don't gotta get ready Cause I rose like King Tut and resurrect it like Amadeus If you stay ready (Don't ask nobody, ask me baby) You ain't got to get ready (Same thing go around gon' come right back around) If you stay ready (Fa sho, can ya feel me?) You ain't got to get ready (Cause I can feel you) Now, orange juice and Austy got me feelin' lodi dodi Flippin' through my phone book tryin' to find me a hottie I can't wait to let ya lies and just relax with That ain't jockin' me 'cause of who I stacks with Ain't too many I'm comin' across qualifyin' But I be that player from the P that's just gon' keep on tryin' I go from A to Y, 'cause I don't know no Z's To the Brougham, blow the brains and enjoy the breeze These hunnies got me wonderin' if I'll ever find one That'll get me to that place where I wouldn't mind one Out in traffic I see many lookin' choosable It never fails though, I always end up usin' those For whatever I'm needin' at that point in time A get-away, a good one or another rhyme I'm tired of the S.O.S. but it's real Long as I feel 'em like I do I guess I'm just gon' deal If you stay ready (Same thing make you laugh will make you cry) You ain't got to get ready (We ain't worried about nothin', we fly for life) If you stay ready... (What?) You ain't got to get ready Hey Playa Hamm, I know they sayin' oh boy that's come classic connection Playa for real, ya - ya feel me? (Oh yeah-yeah) Now this the - kingpin, Westside, best side, let's ride And God bless my backbones, my homeboys like Black Tone Bringin' it through for the true everytime I speak Sprinkles the rest like '40, but they still comin' weaker I'm a keep it simple so the tricks can comprehend You can never be me, only see me with a end Well if they ain't ripe yet, they can stay on the tree Cause I'm your friendly neighborhood playa partner Suga Free Liable to haul off and spit these P's that'll break you to your knees She'll lie, steal and kill for real for me, Hamm please Now what they thought baby? We ain't comin' to raw If she broke she gon' get a job, or break the law They say God blessed the child, God is on it so true We ain't get it like we got it dependin' on you Now I can show ya better than I can tell ya, so swell No, put your clothes back on baby I'm into breakin' hearts, promises and fingernails There was no I's... And I put that on the Holy Ghost and four more God's You broke my heart and I let you succeed Cause to a playa that's a organ that you really don't need Low and behold, what good is havin' a heart if it can break and be re-broke? So if you stay ready what you gon' have to get ready for? If you stay ready (Kingpin for life y'all) You ain't got to get ready (Kingpin... ah ah) If you stay ready (I pin the tail on the funky enough) You ain't got to get ready (And shocks her with this funky stuff) If you stay ready (Why you bullshittin'?) You ain't got to get ready (What's happenin'?) If you stay ready (Kingpin for life) You ain't got to get ready (Kingpin for life, y'all) You know... straight game... Never... game... DJ Quik... what's up baby? Playa Hamm... G-One... Robert Bacon... yeah