On My Way (Suga Free)

Ok, baby you sayin that to say what? Uh uh that's drama no, no, U didn't pick that shit up from yo mama Now I...ain't...fenna break nann finger nail Goin oops upside yo head Yea I love you, baby....but not like that Yo love ain't never paid my bills or put no clothes on my back, Wait, what do you see said the blind man Who heard the deaf man said he saw Suga Free just dropped the bomb and it went Boo-Yah!! Then, when I'm feelin them years 2025, feelings I move...in a real way Now, sometimes I like a nice, hot, proper, hairy....head full of sweat from sex On the couch first... and when it start feelin good, you always stop and say "Mmm no more I'm hurtin"..... And them chi'ren...Baby got kids so bad they'll piss you to the highest level of pestivity runnin they mouth smellin' like urine Don't hurt the pimpin' baby.... Oh what we don't know each other no more cuz instead of a girlfriend I'd rather have a ho, Won't catch me holdin hands, kickin cans, walkin a tight rope sayin she loves me, she loves me not, man.... I can be on my way, on my way On....my way I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nuthin' but the truth so help me god..... Because the name of the game is cop n' blow..... This time don't leave nuthin' so don't have to come back home and get it.... Yea I know that's you callin, hangin up, puttin 187 on the pager.... Wait, no who the hell you talkin to always cryin 'bout what I do and don't do for you...now that's yo problem Always bringin up the past If I wasn't on parol, I woulda kicked yo ass Cuz she lookin for a sucka in a, wrong place She doesn't know it but a playa get, lonely But that don't mean I have ask you phony, cuz all you got to offer is yo punanay.... Uh uh, nah what you got yo hands out in my face for....oh you doin too much, wronger than two left shoes, but you don't know, And I got it (got it) out yo house Cuz I be hungry and all you had was one Potato with fringes growin' out of it, I'm 24, right? But in dog years let me see For every 1 human year that's 7 years for a dog follow me.... So 7 times 24, wait 7 times 4 is 28, carry the 2 alright, I got to figure out 168... And it's shame that we can't do lunch, Cuz you get all roud until I say baby, don't get yo panties in a bunch, And just like jolly rancher candy, the same way I peeled off that plastic wrapper, is the same I peeled off baby's panties.... No, No give me them keys, You leavin' in a cab today, baby..... No, No don't go lookin' up in that closet, cuz u ain't got nuthin' up there.... Yea, Don't be callin' my mama house Pesterin' everybody either..... Uh uh, nah I'll come see my son, mama don't be poppin' up over here.... Wait, wait take off that watch, that necklace, them rings....that belongs to her now.... Oh and before you go, quit blowin' up my pager 911 just to see what I'm doin