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Pay Me (Suga Free)

Man, she lookin' for somebody that'll pay her rent And grab her hair and hit her from the back and call her a bitch Ol' nice ass nigga gets no respect But I'll slap her in a minute and break her god damn neck Things gon' never change huh? Sure the fuck not I'ma pimp a prostitute because the game don't stop I bet I'll see a brighter day though... what? And if she disrespect the pimp she gettin' fucked up She used to hoola-hoop, deal it with Now she whip it on a trick so we can stack them chips Tryin' to argue with a pimp just to see what I'll do I'm into breakin' fingernails, what you heard was true I'm tryin' to pimp 'til I just can't pimp no more And it's nothin' to a pimp to go and get him some more Cause niggaz dress funny, act funny, walk funny, talk funny Never realizin' that she only want your money, dummy (Hey hey!) The hustler meets the pimp And I'ma put it in your mouth like steak and skrimp Fly high in the sky like a Goodyear blimp Wear rubbers so I don't go out like Shawn Kemp Back in the day she double dutch Now she clutch nuts and double bust Lookin' for that good, in God we trust While the homies get high off angel dust What Coast you bang? The left or the right? What type of colors you like? The dark or the bright? It don't matter 'cause it's on tonight I wish a motherfucker would try to start a fight (So whooot!) The homies 'bout thirty deep And lil' nigga, you won't hit water at the beach And you can't see the forest for the trees Cause you fuckin' with some real O.G.'s It ain't about your coochie baby, uh-uh You got the wrong idea don't you?, uh-hu She got to tellin' me her life story, and it's all the same And after slappin' that bitch she respects my game She ran away when she was little 'cause she learned to hoe And got smart 'cause she don't give it up for free no more We take a real square bitch and get to turnin' her out Cause she tired of y'all niggaz runnin' off at the mouth She wanna go places, not the same shit Y'all tricks speak a real funny language Act funny when a bitch come around you huh? But you can have her for a minute if you payin' her right Don't get mad nigga - this ain't for you You a trick and you expect the bitch to love you? Man, I got some bones in my body that you wish you had And when she talkin' that shit you never beat her ass