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So Fly (Suga Free)

One day I heard somebody say if it's good to ya Then it must be good for ya, but bullshit Cause niggas shrinkin', gettin' skinny than a motherfucker I bumped my head, when I shoulda been dead When I was mislead, and I like it... Okay! Man y'all better quit lyin' to y'all girl You'll be surprised what she'll do for you man cause that's y'all world And she can help you do it better if you sit down and talk And we all know that shit be soundin' like walk-walk-walk-walk But if you sincere about what's comin' out your mouth And you tellin' her ass what this game is about Man she'll work you, and everytime you wake up And get G'd up and brushed up, this bitch wanna jump for you But you know what's so sad? Way over half of y'all niggas will never get a chance to experience that You think she chillin' with her friend again? Man she walkin' down the street so she can make me some ends I keep my nails done, I speak well, I'm watchin' my cholesterol I live on a body of water, enjoy drinkin' alcohol So fly, and I like it Badda ba ba ba, badda ba ba ba So fly, and I like it Badda ba ba ba, badda ba ba ba Bo$$ Dogg got mass appeal, sellin' everything From pussy to George Foreman barbeque grills (Yes you do!) Hey Suga Free can I light that? (Go on Dogg) Hold on cuz, I'll C right back I take a trip to the flip Rip side where the sun shine Catch a plane to Spain, it's all for a boat ride Of course I'm so fly, know why In a suit and bowtie, bitch I'm Blowfly (Rap dirty) I got 'em lined up to get on my team They tryin' to figure out where they get signed up Yeah my game is top-notch They've been buyin' this shit, since the days of hop scotch It's like I'm reachin' through the wire Nowadays I feel I'm preachin' to the choir (chuuch) Y'all think that money grow on trees? Pullin' on my branches, rollin' up my leaves? So fly, and I like it Badda ba ba ba, badda ba ba ba So fly, and I like it Badda ba ba ba, badda ba ba ba And yeah we know a lot of y'all be thinkin' pimps be soft But for us she payin', and for y'all she cost So if you on my Cadillac and see some polish remover It ain't my mama's partna it's mine, now get outta line You see this hanger boy? I can untie this little piece of metal so fast It'll make her lower her motherfuckin' voice Cause you ain't payin' nobody bitch, you ain't nobody bitch And you don't know nobody bitch, you don't make nobody rich But you hatin' on me, hopin' Suga Free gon' crash When I got pimpin' written all up and down my ass I can dance a dance, step until I'm ready to go Just like my mama or G-Wayne or George Jefferson ho You see this nail file, nigga don't laugh at that The letter P's the only letter in the alphabet I'm kinky like my fro that's why she scratches my back I cut my nails everytime I pull her hair like that So fly, and I like it Badda ba ba ba, badda ba ba ba So fly, and I like it Badda ba ba ba, badda ba ba ba