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Exchange (Bryson Tiller)

This what happen when I think about you I get in my feelings, yeah I start reminiscing, yeah Next time around, fuck I want it to be different, yeah Waiting on a sign, guess it's time for a different prayer Lord please save her for me, do this one favor for me I had to change my play of ways got way to complicated for me I hope she's waiting for me Everywhere she go, they playin' my song That's why I say the things that I say that way I know you can't ignore me But so, so So gimme all of you in exchange for me Just give me all of you in exchange for me, for me Break it down, yeah Yes sir, check We use to lay up and then stay up Have sex and then blow dank I shouldn't have played no games with you, just levelled up my rank Last time I saw you we ain't speak that was strange Guess it's nothing I can do, man it's true, ex's change, yeah Guess you changed for the better (better) I know you know how to make me jealous I was never loyal, let you tell it, yo But I'm ready to fix it if you ready, baby But so, so So gimme all of you in exchange for me Just give me all of you in exchange for me, for me For real shawty Yeah I know Yeah, is you at 2 Keys or Tin Roof? Turn up with young Tiller, we just getting loose Maybe, I'm lowkey feelin' you, don't be cynical I'ma fuck you over, wanna fuck you over then again the truth Cause I ain't really here to start problems Girl I swear to God though, hoes can't never say they got him Know how bad you wanna tell 'em "Don't try him" I don't wanna tell him, let's surprise him I don't wanna get into it, why you stressin' him, I've been drivin' Back and fourth, from Louisville to Lexington, mileage On the whip, got your ass on my grip, college Make you wanna strip for them dollars Nah girl I got a job for you, swear to God I can do a lot for you Saw you strollin' through the campus, I had to stop for you I was scrollin' through the 'gram, girl, I had to follow you Say wassup witchu? You got my soul