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High Stakes (Bryson Tiller)

Hey, yeah Haha, I had to put a time stamp on this, yeah It's my birthday And I'm feeling great I feel great Yeah, fuck it, I'm feeling great 24 today, by the way Okay Came a long way (yeah, I came a long way) Ayy, I looked up and said goddamn I came a long way In the VIP, this shit feel like a showcase Take me to a place I'd rather be, there's no place I gotta pocket full of cash, it's more than I made last year when I was packing Oh wait, it been two years, I lost track and No way I'm going back, I been in mansions I been in whips so quick that you lose traction And made 6 figure transactions Met a lot of pretty women, A.K.A distractions And some fuck niggas with subliminal captions I won't, I won't, show these lames no compassion Wanna play the game, gotta have expansion Ex sent me an email, came with attachments And like a fan of the show, nigga I started snapping What's happening? What's happening? What's happening? What's happening, oh, what's happening? Woah, woah, high stakes got me feeling like I'm gambling (I can ball but lose it all) Drink got a nigga rambling (like I'm talking to myself) But hit me up I wake up and see a roof over my head Used to be the roof of a '04 Audi That shit used to be my bed Lot of disrespect from those who used to be my friends Lot of chicks to replace, hoes used to be friends I don't fuck with you, what don't you comprehend? Give a fuck who I offend, real and fake cannot blend And I pray to God I never lose a cake, Amen (Amen) With the high stakes, I'm in I'm in, even when niggas after me I still stroll through the city casually RIP Staten G, Ali gone, that's another tragedy Oh my God, who gon' show the kids strategy? I done seen so many things that they gotta see I made it to the game using honesty I know my mama proud of me God tell her she gave birth to a young prodigy Ayy, ayy, thank you To the most up High up, high up Praying that them blessings don't stop I'm praying that them blessings don't Yeah