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Ten Nine Fourteen (Bryson Tiller)

So, ever since October Living out my dreams, they got a lot closer Had to do it for my daughter before she got older Had to wake the sleepers up, bitch I got Folgers I'm the realest nigga out, remember I told ya Guess I'm dirty city raised, but I'm not local Now they actin' like they kin, I do not know them I've been prospering ever since I dropped "Don't", nigga But it don't stop here, I gotta keep it goin', keep it goin' Keep that hate coming my nigga, I'ma keep ignoring God Tiller, your flow so prehistoric Got, got killers, smoke yours or put me in the corner I'm Cassius, my nigga put me in the corner Versus anybody, really show me my opponent They coming for my head, I'm like Makonnen Kill them all, send 'em my condolences And I'm back, back, back on my bullshit nigga Do I miss doing this shit, just for fun, just a little Now, I do it for funds, that's facts, fundamentals For a house up on the makers, lawyers, doctors, my neighbors Everyday I say my prayers, terminators, portrayers Now the man is blessing me, first the man was testing me I went through the storm not knowing whether it was green on the other side or not That shit would bring out the best of me I'm so true with it, who are you kidding 12 asked what I do for a living, told them Google it I'm so rude with it, and the youngin' doing it You don't know what I been through nigga This the truth nigga, oh my goodness Spittin' flames in the booth, nigga, oh my goodness God really came through for me, oh my goodness I can give a fuck about you, and your mothafuckin' crew That's ain't something I would do, no I wouldn't Ya dig? Yeah I just gotta let this shit rid man (Ya dig) Uh, I feel like Weezy F Baby sometimes Carter 3 Wayne, Carter 4 Wayne Carter 5, man where that shit at? Yessir You know me, I gotta keep it real on this shit My shawty mama put me out the crib, nigga I was payin' bills Almost got a third job, she don't know the way it feels But look, look at how a nigga living My dream just got a little more vivid And I'm starting to see a whole lot more friendlies But I don't want too many, no I don't want too many, no way City to city Never forget that phone call I got from Timbo and Richie When I was in Philly, that's when I knew this shit wasn't given Then shit really got crazy when, got the kicks from Drizzy Well, the recognition from Drizzy alone I remember when they slept on me: memory foam Can't believe Timbo the king just sent me back home But now that boy getting on, my nigga give me the throne Ya dig? Yup, I know the people they diggin' me now The cools kids from high school can't sit with me now My baby mama's mama can't say shit to me now What did she do wrong? She better figure it out You better, I done grew into a wise young fella This is true shit, you know Tiller goin' tell 'em I'll tell 'em the truth, I'll tell 'em the truth, I'll tell 'em the truth The whole truth, yeah I'll tell 'em the truth, I'll tell 'em the truth, I'll tell 'em the trut The whole truth, ay, baby yeah