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In Autumnal Equinox (Forever Slave)

By the rivers and hills He went, my friend, neither battles nor blood he couldn't stop But the moon and the stars told me he cried And his tears dreamt of her lover and ill cousin In her bed of death He said he loved her she closed her eyes he will avenge on Death His rival is Death He hopes he could fight now I feel she will be mine forever My friend solitude sings my Requiem In his hands a dagger, metal caressing his chest My friend solitude sings my Requiem Nights cover my sorrow in autumnal equinox Gotas de sangre corren por su pecho Noches enteras hablan de su sueno El susurro del mar trae sus palabras En la noche de los muertos habla su alma Rosas negras en invierno, lagrimas de sangre El lamento de sus huesos, estremecen mi cuerpo