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Blackened Dove (Nausea)

reconstructing humyn nature for procurement and self promotion refining the skills that will exact humyn demotion with the segregating strength of the stigmata issued we create the carriers of our wrath innocence abused the persecuted harbor bigots' sour venom masses fill the scapegoat roles in the social procession objectives first in mind tools carved for the trade sociopathic megalomaniacs the by-products we create freedom taken ignorance remains a blackened dove is a dove the same profited by this existence of expendable nature gambling with the tokens of sex, class and color population of oppressors we rest assure by paragons of despot so greedily nurtured restrained and maintained by the strings held above in the record grooves of our minds we blame a blackened dove exploitive shield over the eyes remains only with permission of an ignorant mind the hope for freedom is always darkened by those who replace love for hate in the controls of our lives enlighten your minds recognize their devices freedom is a truth that lays just beyond their lies.