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Cybergod (Nausea)

his omnipresent power is felt in every home feel his warm static embrace, you'll never be alone his flickering gaze emanates the divine light that bathes his worshipers each and every night "don't worry, be happy",you'll never have to choose he will show you how to win and show you why you why you lose you know without his guidance you surely would be lost so feed him your compassion to defray the cost you are now...baptized you are now...chastised you are now...desensitized you are now...lobotomized praise the cybergod...for the pound of flesh you ate praise the cybergod...for the gift of hate praise the show what's right and wrong praise the will make him strong with his illusion you will be king of your world he will show you uses for those naughty little girls as for women, you can own the ones you'll never find just sit back and leave the real world behind with all your money and fast cars, you'll surely lead the race you'll sit at cybergod's right hand and never fall from grace in your imagination you'll be the one to rule but in the harsh reality, you're a media tool praise the cybergod...for the fools you put in power praise the cybergod...liar, usurper praise the cybergod...for a false reality praise the cybergod...for a world of misery.