Electrodes (Nausea)

look into their eyes what do you see? I see fear, innocence and agony look at their souls what do you see? punishment without criminality look into their minds what do you see? why the fuck are you doing this to me? look at their flesh what do you see? the blood of needless pain from your insanity unseen they suffer unheard they cry in agony they linger in loneliness they die look at yourself what do you see? the bastard who inflicted pain on me look into your soul what do you see? the conscience of a killer who refuses to let me free look into your mind what do you see? selfishness the pedestal of apathy look into your heart what do you see? surely not a human from your indecency electrodes in my head straps secure my arms I know these humans are out to do me harm caged from day of birth unable to walk free why can't these bastards fucking let me be I know these humans are out to do me harm endless, senseless torture on a science slaughter farm years of animal testing how can this be true? you'd surely feel different if I did this crime on you animal torture how can this exist? a crime with no law committed by scientists electrodes in my head electrodes in my head now dead.