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Home Sweet Home (Nausea)

everyday I wake up waiting for the day when they send their fascist strong-arms to come and take my home away my home may not be much but I built it all the same and I'll not let these bastards steal my home away they refuse to hear our pleas to compromise our position our only alternative is we leave this land of "freedom" they keep smashing at our door we will never fall our blood, sweat and dreams lay within these walls we'll just patch them up again and again they label us dirty squatters junkies, political activists I prefer to use the term humans in search of peace and freedom you've seen us on the news you've heard about our struggle now's the time unite fight back and win we're communities of people with nowhere left to run families with children with nothing of their own we work within the community helping out each other come along and meet us see what self governments about we don't use bombs and violence peace and knowledge we select but if they use violence to break us we must resist to exist my day has finally closed my home is still intact but who's to say while I'm asleep they won't launch another attack we're ready are you?!!