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Inherit The Wasteland (Nausea)

Expanding new horizons the age of humanity is past a sterile new environment where emotion cannot last a frail human weakness that must be overcome your wretched laugh and feeble tears are now over and done anesthetize the feelings cauterize the mind life's simple joy is a luxury that they will never find step into the light of day we'll see to all your needs give up to us your children so we may sow the seeds of a new and useless way of life we call the status quo we'll feed them lies of our new age and off to work they'll go to keep up peak production we'll exploit their petty greed if I work long and hard enough then someday I'll succeed but when your use has ended and you've worked long and hard you'll see yourself a wasted mess and permanently scarred I'll inherit the wasteland a technological dream that's draining my life's blood I'm chained to the machine sift through emotional wreckage weed the weak out from the strong with the dawning of our master race how can we go wrong? strong in body weak in mind a total lack of thought drones work an anti-septic hive that our tax dollars bought cleanliness and godliness the lessons of the day step out of line and you'll find out the price you have to pay technology will blossom but soon it has to feed consuming all your wasted lives to satisfy it's need the path you took was futile because you were deceived they told you, you were on your way and that's what you believed until one day you saw the gray that had become your life a rocky barren wasteland of suffering, toil, and strife they finally lost all use for your spent mind and failing health now when you see your children it reminds you of yourself when you traveled down that "golden road" that ended up in ruin they will all fall victim to the system that consumes them.