Are You Deaf (Exumer)

I'm trying to speak, but you just won't hear Are you paying attention, is there something in your ear Come on stupid, why can't you comprehend Did you just hear anything that I just said? What the hell is wrong with your fuckin' head? No - asshole! I told you my name is Fred Are you deaf? I'm sick of repeating myself Are you deaf? Might as well as put your head on a shelf Are you deaf? I've only been talking for an hour Are you deaf? It's like speaking to a fuckin' flower Are you deaf? Goes in one ear and out the other Are you deaf? Why don't you listen you stupid mother Are you deaf? Maybe you should think about cleaning your ears How long has it been - a couple of million years? Doesn't seem like you have anything upstairs I've had better conversations talking to some chairs I'm getting pissed, you sure are acting lame Hey shithead, this aint no fuckin' game