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Ascension Day (Exumer)

Rising from a black bondage below into the pre-past Legendary ancient mask now summoned by magicians See massive retaliation out of the abyss Who is the first to encounter darkened fate like this? A once deserted battlefield - above Exumer's face A glance up to the thunderous skies Ascension day - today Britain under Norman terror, innocent the victims Thrashing, raping, burning, killing, slaying, now revenge Young Hasting defender lowers the mask to his face Long forgotten force within begins the deadly race An invocation to be witnessed by the fighting masses The moons of Leng, a sea of blood The ascension of the mask The warrior and the mask Showing no remorse Killing without end A way of no return The warrior and the mask Invincible strength The Abramelin Possessed by the flame Ripping flesh, bursting eyes His soul falls, prey to the steel Burning skin, bleeding brains Tearing limbs, stop his revenge Unconquerable fear, trembling walls Diseased, dark gates open Death-breath, yells-bells Blood-flood, raging the battlefield The war - that you have fought so hard The end will not come so soon So warrior - you think that you have won This time you better think twice You're wrong -you cannot escape your fate Forged in the realms of war Listen - there is no invincible strength As there is no eternal life ... die! Crying screams of disillusionment into the night A fighter victorious, now consumed by fright The steel mask he's wearing it won't come off From inside the steel spikes push slowly in his eyes Paying the prize of hybris on the field of war The sorcerer he laughs/Ascension day - today