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Possessed By Fire (Exumer)

Fighting warriors tear down their way War gods crosses strike them down to pray Screaming, captured souls call in poisoned lust For blood they seek, they thrust The key in hand to set their bodies free Forceful eyes and they do catch me My mind twisted in two, my throat is cut Secret whispers speed, drive me nuts I AM POSSESSED BY FIRE Doors to eternity are open wide to go Merciless powers, painful and slow Demons in disguise, flames of sin Forgotten armies, again and again Haunt the enemy in the rain The haunting begins in the middle of the ring They walk through wood and snow Hate in seconds it grows THEY SAY: THEY WILL RISE TONIGHT YOU KNOW: THEY WILL STEAL THE LIGHT WATCH OUT: HOPE YOU NEVER SEE BEWARE OF THE FALSE PROPHECY THEY SAY I AM POSSESSED BY FIRE AND THE FLAMES ARE BURNING HIGHER I know my name is there written in fire, so beware Keep away all these thoughts from my mind, let them rot Peace and rest is what I need, for hours now I had no sleep There is no chance I will survive this night, time has come to fight Got the feeling the end is near – he will die tonight Facing death but I feel no fear – he will die tonight The one I face will he be the one – he will die tonight It is my fate I know when he is done – he will die tonight