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Rising From The Sea (Exumer)

Together they ride to the sea They hear his call and obey It is time and the ritual has begun To summon up their chosen one Rising from… the sea Knowing that the time grows short Indulgence from his ceremonial court Reading from the dead sea scrolls Feel the power as it unfolds Rising from… the sea A benediction from the high priest A timeless spell can now be released The chant from a circle prayer The sound of homage fills the air Rising from… the sea Arisen from his perpetual rest Exhaling his first breath Once more to control his clan Awoken to claim his land Rising from… the sea The revelation has been told in the past It is written that this world wouldn't last He would control with his race There would be nowhere to run, no hiding place His servants kneel by his side Taking part in the genocide Submission is the only way Or with your life you can pay Rising from… the sea Return to the ruins of birth A place once before on earth Now deep below the depths No mortal has seen this place Rising from… the sea