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Shadows Of The Past (Exumer)

Walking down this dark street again I see the shadow I turn to see who's there, 1 know it wants me dead I start to walk faster, thinking it's just in my head I sentenced him for life, long long ago He threatened to escape and seek his revenge Today the headlines read a killer had gotten loose Why does he haunt me, killer won't let me be Night after night I can't get no steep Everywhere 1 turn he's stalking me I see the blade in the light He calls my name but nothing's there Turn face to face into an empty stare Waiting for someone I know I don't want to be atone I got to get away He's right behind me He kills for fun, I can't escape his grasp Foot steps, breathing, turn and your his prey A shadow, unseen, you wish to live He follows so close, it's all in his head Your mind is playing tricks, or at least you hope so He's return to haunt, I'd heard he was dead Is this a phobia that won't let me be Behind the curtain, in the closet, waiting to spring Under the bed, in your house, he loves killing you A cry in the night I know it's the wind There in the bush he was looking in Every little sound makes my skin crawl He'd love to watch me die I know that he's here I feel the time growing near Running he's trying to catch me, I've got to get away He wants to have my death, seeking a place to hide A knife sunk deep inside, I don't want to die I'm going to kill you right now and I'm going to