The First Supper (Exumer)

Incantation summoned from below The sacrifice is given, the power will grow Drink from the head the purest blood so red Take my flesh and break it as your bread We sit at this first supper Planning the fall of your world Our time is growing near The human race has much to fear A dark spear through the heart To destroy and tear your world apart The seven ministries from sight they flee Now you have realized your soul belongs to rne So weak are your people Believe so true in their king Out he will be banished With a swoosh of my wing We're going to take over your world - the first supper Will you feel the power from my empire, the first supper You must listen to my words Eat the fruit from the tree of evil, the first supper Have no fear, then your mine Live with me, down in hell Heed the decisions of the infernal regions Branded for death, show the scar on your head You have been judged and the sentence been set To die a slow death was the best you could get Steal your life and devour your soul Exist in my land where I'm in control Your guardian angel turns and goes away For it knows you will die today We laugh at your pleas as we sit here and feast Stare into the mirror and gaze into the beast Don't ask for forgiveness, don't try and repent You've already done the damage, it's your testament Pass through the gate, your name is written there Perish underground, there we will await You can be a witness of this violent overthrow Watch as they all die in this apocalyptic show