Unearthed (Exumer)

Enter into the cemetery More specimens are in need We steal during the night And leave the hole defied Unearthed ... who'll know that you're gone Come with me, your body will be put to good use A medical malpractice, let's experiment today Wait for a death, to make another trip We're getting close, the projects are getting better Cranial defusion, study of the brain We try to bring back the dead And revive them from the grave Live again, not below the ground We work with the dark, gone in the light Put together parts, you'll live again someday Fill the veins with the fluid of life Feel the heart as it pumps again Jolt you with electricity, see the corpse jump Start to move, our task is complete No witchery, just plain chemistry Our creation has escaped, rampaging through the night Terrorize the town, the people want him dead His fear of the flame was the only defense He'll live again once he's been unearthed ... today! I have been called a mad scientist They don't know what I've brought from below It's life breath will soon begin They shall all pay, we'll have our revenge If you're alone in the wood he will be there We'll remove your body and bring it back with care