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Winds Of Death (Exumer)

Burning bodies in the streets Evil cloud, wind of death A flash of light to take your life Moment of pain, human combustion Nuclear rain, you will die Singeing skin, melting flesh Boiling blood, collapsing arteries Bursting eyes for the final sign A pile of bones is turned to dust And blown away in the winds of death My life flashes before me Memories of a world never to live again World leaders speak of their peace Empty promises can not be forgiven Live in this hell you have made Make more weapons to destroy again This time do it right and kill us all It is your fault – die! Cannibalistic armies arise out of the rubble Fight amongst themselves for the last scrap of flesh Contaminated survives would rather die Twisted and deformed, left to rot Forced to live in this world That we call the winds of death Winds of death Winds of death Winds of death Winds of death