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Warriors Of The Son (Saint)

Behold in time the Son will rise, The sky will bleed the wrath of night The Sons of light arise with thee they hear his call down to their knees A battle rage they choose to go with hearts prepared for the next expo Made up their minds, left all behind Give all they got wisdom fortified They are the warriors of the Son of the King of the light Arise with thee unto thy might Warriors of the Son of the King of the light They died with thee, they live to fight Come wind, come storm, cold and freeze The sons of light shall not retreat Come fireballs and desert sands Come warriors with battle plans By His strength the King of light starts pouring Out His rage To slay the beast who has conquered the world at this stage The sons of light they hear His call they know just what to do Ten thousands and the mighty one They're coming to get you The prince beneath, he won't delay his troopers foolish, void and lame Commands the blood soaked battlefield He wages war and makes his kill His time so short, he's soon to go back to his home abyss below Though they have reigned for many years The Sons of God they all shall fear