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Darkest Day (JS) (Criss Angel)

(JS inspired, enriched and touched so many lives in the deepest and most profound way. Now your gone - our Darkest Day. We'll miss you forever....... In eternal loving memory) Why aren't you here Why does life seem so unfair You were strength in my darkest days Now how can I face the world Alone - I need you here God tell me why My friend is gone and I'll give up forever to be with you So tell me why - My friend is gone Why God - my friend is gone Tell me why my friend is gone Won't you come back to me In my dreams I want to see All the promises we made come true And to have just one more time - with you Forgive my negativity This world is cold and empty They tell me time will heal the pain But I know I'll never be the same Without you - I need you here All that I am is due to you Do you see that you live in me Eternally I'll always be Connected and reflected to your memory Can you see me can you feel me Can you hear me can you heal me I can't take this I can't fake this I can't shake this Life is so unfair I need you here - please