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Suddenly (Unicorn)

Listen to voices they are calling your name. Don't be afraid now, you'll stay the same. Finally, you will flee. Dream of the flower, dream of the smell. Goto the circle close by the well. Don't look down, you will drown. Miracles are calling the master will release thousands of winders, that will rise above the trees. Suddenly you are no stranger my eyes will see eternally. Patiently I sit here and wonder. Time has come, the race is one, suddenly. The pat to oblivion is a different way. Led by the spinster, fair as a day. Limpid view and I wish I knew. I'm trapped here in water but I am able to breathe. And here witht eh mermaids I will never cease. Suddenly uou are no stranger... Infinity, its infinity that will rise aboive the trees and the wind. And the world will always remain the same and world will always stay calm. And I fought for the world of the wind, calling us all. Tell me your secrets and show me your heart, the end is forgotten and this is your start, call for a laverock and let it sing for us all. Never go to the well because you will stumble and you will fall. You will fall. Suddenly you are no stranger... Music by Unicorn, Lyrics by Dan Swano