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The Likes Of Noone (Unicorn)

Music by Unicorn, lyrics by Peter Edwinzon/Unicorn Have you ever tried to count the stars? Do they remind you of how small we are? We the people of the planet earth, we cannot rule the universe. But my love is bigger than all those things. It makes me feel like I'm the king of kings. When I see your hair blowing in the wind. I close my eyes and I can hear you sing: My heart belongs to you, my soul if you want it too. But when I open up my eyes, it's like a big black hole in my heart that cries. Because in every word you say and every time I pray there is a wire bursting deep inside of me. And everytime I read the words that you have seed there is a fire burning deep inside of me. Have you ever felt that you need someone and you cannot breathe without her around. I need her now so I can breathe again, it's been a lack of air for so long my friend. In my dreams I see how she comes to me. Oh, how I wish they were reality. No other girl in the whole wide world can fill up the hole that she's made in me. I can see the rain hit the window. Outside I can hear the wind blow. There's more water in my eyes, than the rain that falls from the clouded sky. Because in every word you say... I, the king of kings, I fly with broken wings. And I can feel and I can hear, what the future brings.