Zoetrope (Unicorn)

Music by Unicorn, lyrics by Dan Swano I am walking in the silent rain, where the young one's free, the old man's sane, I am waliking it alone, this magic lane. The sap of those who shall remain, regain the throne of redulence, unify the leprechauns and go. Renew the sapid sward Welcome. They return. The turbid mere will quail. Zoetrope. Turning around in circles as we live. The gyration has made it turn. The tot that touches the tottery turf He's wishing it would be a birch so that he could taste the cosy bark. I am dreaming of a branch of lime. Knowning it would heal his maul, trying hard to misgive his chief. The minx a jinx with whisk?? And it is waiting to reform. The torsive hedgehog won't!! Zoetrope... Watch how it burns! Oh, for how long? Do we have to wait for infinity? Oh, for how long? Do we have to wait for infinity now? Now you've heard the weirdest tale. Phrases that's unentaled. Now fold your rod and come along to where those tales began...Go! You have taken all what you are!