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Dancin' In The Son (Tonéx)

Gettin tired of the city Headin out to the country Ain't nobody gonna stop me Gotta get the hogs slopped and fed Mamas gonna fix some pancakes Jesus takes away the heartache Time to lay aside the worlds weight Won't you let him inside your life today Doesnt matter what you done before He doesnt care about your past He wants to give you more All He wants is a chance to make it better If your soul is dry inside Hell make it wetter Now it's summer time there's no more snow outside Frostys melted all away the sun is shining bright For everyone to feel the heat time to move your feet Jesus Christ is here to set your soul free I'm dancin in the Son there's room for everyone The fun has just begun when you're dancin in the Son My Daddy, Ghost and Son all three of these make one Your sins are forgiven when you're dancin in the Son Everybody just a dancin The Holy stone I be romancin Lord You got my homies trippin This fried chickens finger lickin Yo, Gibraan pass the biscuits Were near the rapture don't you miss it You gotta problem God can fix it Taste and see Hes so delicious All drenched in sweat I bet it was that new heat from nureau 02 TONEX keep em dancin like Jeremy Parish Urban Dynamics to the narrow roads that people miss trippin Get your gig on in the Son for shism spirit quicken em Gibraan guan Talk to riddims walk on earth like a champion shhh listen World with one mind we well wop until the clock stops tickin That's eternal living