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The Beautiful Place (Tonéx)

Since I was born I heard about this place Where there is always sunshine and everyday is a Sunday There will be no more rain no more skies that are gray Oh, they tell me of an uncloudy day All my life I've heard about this beautiful place It's somewhere beyond the galaxy and outer space Where the streets are gold as glass and sheer with transparency Where we shout and sing His praise throughout eternity As I grew old, I wondered bout this place Will I ever get there; how much longer will I have to wait? Then I felt a sensation from my head down to my face On a Tuesday afternoon I felt my body change I've been raptured! All my life I dreamed about this beautiful place And I can't believe my eyes I really see His face Reunited with my loved ones walking hand in hand And the Holy River intertwines with emerald sand "Oh, my God, the flowers sing!" As pure white horses kneel down For the King has made His entrance at the trumpets sound As we sing His throne changes from blue to aqua-marine And to shades of indigo unlike you've ever seen No more death, no more pain Joy, everlasting Zion sings Holy, Holy, Holy Oh, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah We have over come We have over come Maki-na ka-ata (we have defeated our enemy) Cantemos, bailemos (let us sing, let us dance) Harambee (let us come together)