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One Night In October (Little Comets)

Oh language is dead So she believes I'm looking up Socially bereaved Just like Carlisle She lies on the border Disorder surrounds Her every noun One night in October. The clocks go back and she attacks me Grabbing my left shoulder Suspects in texts that leave her wrecked One night in October So, I sit her down And say this must stop Cos all we do Is argue then shop She goes to boots I go to Argos Complete with deceit We stalk each aisle One night in October. She throws a towel, the sink, a scowl One night in October With more invective than the average detective Questions me on the lawn With doors ajar, tonight I will sleep in my car One night in October Oh intensive care Intensively she's aware That I, I miss the heat Solace and sway of the sheets Oh, this dashboard's so hard Can't cushion the beats of my heart One night in October.