Cut The Check (Shawty Lo)

Whim, wham, thank you ma'am Ay yeah, I won't mind off the top, cut the check Done done, done did it what's next Cut the check, dope boy slash rapper slash exec Cut the check, I really lived the life Niggas look up to me, I am the sky Clouds, yeah I'm so fly Screamin' Bankhead 'til the day I die You lookin' at the trap in its flesh, rap at its best Bankhead nigga, Front Street is next Don't hate me, nigga hate the game I did it for the money, you did it for the change Ay! I'm a real go getter Lo told me, Front Street, go get 'em Two in the babe made me the babysitter Got my eggbeater, now I'm fin' to go whimper Yeah, I got crack on shiver If the money right hell yeah I'll deliver Deuce in the quarter, hook the wheel like Skipper AC blowin and it feel like winter I won't stop, I can't stop Baby girl I need mine off top (cut the check) God damn right, I'm with the man right? And this what money really look like (cut the check) I got paper like Kinko's And Shawty got 'em for the L-O This ain't a Honda, get you a two do' And 800, get you an elbow (yeah) I got 'em dancin' like Fabo They geaked up cause I'm cheap like Maaco Yes sir, I made moves for the peso So they gotta cut the check when I say so I need mine pimp, just get him on the phone I'm the man's Don, just call me Corleone Tell them other niggas, they better leave me alone Bankhead nigga, but I'm from Bowen Homes Yeah, what's really goin' on? Ye ain't heard of him? I'm sittin' on the throne King, ay, that's what's goin' on Me a stuntin' man? You heard it in the song