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Easily I Approach (Shawty Lo)

I'm the man 'round here, capiche? Brown paper bag, ol' dope boy money Ol' dope boy money I'm the man 'round here, capiche? Small face hundred, ninety-fo' money Brown paper bag, ol' dope boy money Ol' dope boy money Easily I approach The microphone, yeah the kid's no joke Tell your hoe to get off of my dick Hypnotized by this shit that I spit Yeahh, slow flow new flavor in your ear I used to swear man talk was cheap Now I'm gettin twenty thousand fee DAAAAMN~! 20 thousand to speak? Seventeen-five if you want a ki' Get a 10-pack, 17 apiece I'm the man 'round here, capiche? Call me Big Bird like Sesame Street Shawty what'chu doin? Ain't doin nuttin Cookin up a chicken cause the rent due, money Fifty-five hundred, they ain't know money Magic City money, still blowin money Body Tap Wednesday, still throwin money "Units in the City" I done sold another hundred Small faced hundreds, ninety-four money Brown paper bag, ol; dope boy money Man I'm a stunna, nigga youse a fronter Nigga youse a bitch and you get it from your momma Real brick runner, nigga on the corner On my grandmama, got more chickens than a farmer Early in the mornin, slippers and pajamas Got 'em get 'em ready cause them country boys is comin And I don't believe in karma, I believe in numbers Add mo' zeroes, I need more commas Back in Tijuana, mighty close to water Can get 'em from the border, break 'em down in Georgia Seventeen-five, make 'em where you can afford 'em Where yo' peoples at? Tell 'em go on and place they order