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Feels Good To Be Here (Shawty Lo)

(I love you daddy!) Aw, I love you too Hood nigga, yeah, I told you I would I told you I would, hey! Hey, ay It feels good to be here It feels good to be here It feels good to be here I musta done somethin' right here, the kid right here Ninety-three, my granny left me So confused, my home is the streets For although I chose to stand I was like, "Damn what about me, and?" A young teen forced to be, a grown man Who idol was Michael Jordan, not a dopeman "Dopeman, Dopeman" yet it's me And ever since I heard that, yeah that's me A 9th grade dropout, got a rock at the park Me and Kurt ridin' dirt, servin' slims out the car Dope boy fresh boy man I swear I was ballin' Fit from Kel, got my kicks from Walter They say I lucked up to get where I am Real talk nigga I'm the man ? can't understand Grindin' every nigga if I didn't, did and Yeah, I ran the bitch like Nino See Lo man but my real name Carlo Hood rich nigga comin' straight from the kennel ? Street, Shawty Lo, Jay Leno Yeah I'm I'm-proved I made it do the do D4L, who would ever knew I musta dona something right, right? Yeah Oh yeah, I got love for you haters You really motivate a player Ay, I couldn'ta did it without ya On the real, still did it without ya Grandma, I told ya I got'cha You told me I could and you told me I can Never had doubt, in your lil' man I swear to God you're the reason I stand All I'm sayin' "I'm in the booth right now, I'll call you right back"