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Bleeding Streets (Heavy Load)

The night is black, I'm ready to attack Vengeance is boiling inside my soul Haven't forgotten, my brain is getting rotten So I kill them all before I lose control Down the subway they can't get away I know all dealers, no one I'll save Out to the night into the neon light I'm in for the kill out on the... Bleeding streets Bleeding streets Revenge of a living dead Vengeance is boiling inside my head Revenge of a living dead Revenge of a living dead I've made up my mind, the plan's in my head Revenge of a living dead I'm one of the living dead A junky I am, don't even look like a man I'm a living dead, got nothing to lose My death is slow but I can't say no Victim of the big bad city Bleeding streets Bleeding streets My life's been a mess but I didn't sell death Those who did I killed for free All over this town blood is floating all around My knife's done right everyone must see I'm on my last trip, life is losing its grip I leave this letter where I die I've done a good thing, it makes my soul sing I made the streets bleed Bleeding streets Bleeding streets