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Encouraged (Kee John P.)

[Verse 1:] I've been deceived for the very last time, My eyes are open and I've made up mind That I'll have patience in whatever I go through, I am encouraged in You. [Verse 2:] So many times my tears were ignored, Before my real relationship with the Lord. Now I hold my head up for I've been set free, Nothing can discourage me. They that wait on Him shall regain strength, I encourage you in the Lord. [Chorus:] Be encouraged, hold your head up. Be encouraged, don't you give up. Be encouraged, hold your head up high. [Repeat Verse 2:] [Repeat Chorus:] [Bridge:] If you stand and never faint, Please take heed to what I say. [Repeat Chorus:] [Vamp 1:] Get it up, get it up, get it up. Get it up, get it up, get it up. [Vamp 2:] Hold your head up, it's not over for you; Everything He promised, I know He'll do. [Vamp 3:] Hold your head up. [Repeat Chorus:]