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Blind (Company Flow)

Yo, yo yo yo, yo It's a shame when these MC's f**k with us Yo yo, yo what they call you kid? Yeah they call me Bigg Jus Yo, it's a shame when these MC's f**k with me Yeah what's your name son? They call me El-P I must be, entirely, too f**kin nice El the Don Digital, pass off to the right [Bigg Jus] From now on I'm impeachin Nautilus, Substitution, Mardi Gras Hot Nickel is back from filing at the Shark Bar Fuck the Shah, bringin it to you live after dark Ask the Psychic Friends, the rhymin-ass cypher with the blends Kings of many men, ancient wisdom, sizzles in Got a whole crew of girls bent you raped Bell Bottom Tim This concluding a broadcast from here to the next millenium Off you niggaz execution style ? [El-P] The prime directive is to mostly play a part of utter psychosis Not prone to play stationary man hopeless Gene pool tumors get rocked without discretion Fashion MC's drop now they part of my fall collection Dementia earth burners while Earth sinks further into servitude Hollow UFO's is comin in And bill collectors get clicked on Subtle murderous murder verse form a corporation In beef we briefly bankrupt but you suck litigation [Bigg Jus] The mixed bastard, wherever I lay my stat I oughta booby-trap it Super duty tough word, singin some stylish caged graphics to kids, who find a hornet's nest just for excitement I laughs when some Mars Attacks when I bust up ? [El-P] It's all fantastic when I bank, grand martial arts shouldn't faze me I see-through pussy like the Invisible Woman Teenagers turned trick pimped by pedophile labels they started but fall from, soon to be disabled *chorus* I want to be paid, MC, berzerker Fancy, tryin to eat, just livin I want to be paid, MC, berzerker Fancy, tryin to eat, just livin [Bigg Jus] I must be, entirely, too f**kin fresh Jus the killer Funcrusher, pass off to the left [El-P] And I, cut most meticulous Descriptive clip from the hit you done shit on site as ridiculous And under my thumb went numb hackers when EMS workers caught blood from slug catchers Here's the limit dusty but digital With a far more rugged approach than Red Asia Bust the sundial, wild advanced placement in effect For me, it's either rhyme or euthanasia Stands brittle but b-boy shell rugged and practical Subtle anarchy, climate is unadaptable Vulcan, logic, brought upon his destruction Attack him at the fulcrum and society can't function [Bigg Jus] I've been underground since thirteen literally Bombin the whole system up, beautifying the scenery Bless the turns I step up off these New Balance 580's on No order fool coherency Clinton speak Egyptian Get cocked, not back in the jungle, ease up friction High dose of energy fuels my fermenting splintering in three sections Each capable of launching attack in any direction Hook it back up and connect it Death-defying, all up on your e-mail addressing I defy, any and all attempts at logic Gray matter material formulate engineering solids ?Truck the vat scientific frontage off of science? [El-P] Every bloodline is tainted, signifying malignant raps who with bad intentions of boogeymen and death as a source of laughter [Bigg Jus] Yeah your precious family tree'll end this century No traditions to pass down, ?spend your way out of eternity? *chorus* If I have to live on this earth without sight I'll be the illest blind bastard, to ever touch a mic To bust off with a mic, like that, the tracks is over, we came fat End it right there, like that...