Definitive (Company Flow)

OK ease back before I make position to squeeze The head burner cookin, eminate thought and grab my phallus Please, I pump kinetics with unintentional malice Wanna battle one of us is endin up in God's palace Doubt my shit's Official, the Megatron missile Bio-computer virus with flesh eating potential (I'm convinced) future MC's are sending robots back in time as we speak to kill my mother before I'm born, be warned You catch a high place cinchin, lucky you just the engine On a vision quest but my breathe is on bad intentions to herd the lyrical peak, at my inventions CoFlow providing DJ's with turntable weapons Snatch that, Disco Daddy, father pops grand shh Eliminate pretense, turn rocks to sand You're rockin low budget Doctor Who special effects and that's half-baked, you never get a buck when you act E-L dash, P is servin ----- we smash be a bootleg, and buildin up a fat nest egg I say f**k you, it's easy, say it again f**k YOU Love love to rock bottom beats for the flicks To hibernate and syncopate but I'm still in the mix One of the many young policin breathers knockin out sequence Life's a L-O-T-T-O, carry a switch for self-defense Rappers try to front, but when I rhyme, where that beef went? If I'm just a reflection then I'm takin over mirrors ?woo lock to mack cornum status?, maybe that's clearer *Mr. Len cuts KRS-One saying 'Live and direct'* See what I'm saying? See what I'm saying? It's just the chorus, it's just the chorus It's till infinity, CoFlow shit, and that's it I rock prisms in different downtowns Tainted blood donor, bustin melodies around sound Left-wing extremist, hip-hop militia Bitches suck the penis competition call me Mister when I Collude, with Mr. Len it's brainfood, strictly Never again I let a record label trap me Try to clap me, with paperwork that leaves me empty Gas me to diss me, I swear to God you'd have to kill me Turpentine FDA approved tactics Styles invade for thin skinned rappers I bust scholastics Sixteen-oh-four mackie plus leave you in the dust, bustin them ?try move for Jus? Ninety degrees is CoFlow, runnin interference MC's they bite my shit, but I don't give em sample clearance Hell, I put my shit out even if I have to sell like a bucket of herbs before a pressin, impressive but somewhat excessive, sexually suggestive I can suck a cookie out of pussy, no question Back off, deadly like cigarettes and black coffee Long as I got lungs and a knot you can't stop me *Mr. Len scratches again* It's till infinity CoFlow shit KnowhatI'msayin, check it out, check it out MC's is like livin in breakbeat hell You try to knock me off the ladder kid the fatter I swell It don't matter turnin liquid into wine by design Not sayin I'm Je-sus, the holy buck, with a halo Just an urbanite riding the train till I hit paydirt Smoke bones that's in a CoFlow tracks and like max that's my flavor; experimental behavioral sciences Got props from Brooklyn Hasidic Jews to Queens Zionists The Manhattan/New Jersualem type connection Mork in erection, fiendin out for female affection My style is "War and Peace" - your shit is just the Cliff Notes Eminent plays chronic, MC's pneumonic You're buggin now f**k that, radio wack reconvene I sign for my condition, Company Flow vaccine Indelible MC's, choice top status Krazy Kings, from juvenile techniques to manhood I make my own grain and go against it Pissin on authority, dropped out of school, for seniority to do this hip-hop shit, but resonate classic Pops wasn't around so I'm a secondhand bastard Hypothesis simple, the earth is my pimple Pocket the extra cash then CoFlow multplying like triplets It's senseless, leaving rapeprs elderly and defenseless Going into details is worthless, f**k it I got your surplus, as long as there'll be peons on the surface I claim my outpost and boast, cause I deserve to Swerve to, miss the link, colder than a fetus on a hockey rink You think not what? Best be he not Now and forever givin up a little somethin at the weed spot Bigg Jus what's the verdict on this beat (that shit is mad hot) Give a whistle if you hear this, can't best me Try to keep my lyrics short and fat like Joe Pesci God bless me *Mr. Len* Know what I'm saying, till infinity Still working out the bugs It's gonna be on though MC's can't f**k with me, CoFlow shit Forgot to tell you that Mr. Len, Bigg Jus, BMS, and then you have me, Elijah The one and only diamond speechless starving artist Goin on from nine to five CoFlow shit, Mr. Len..