Population Control (Company Flow)

[el-p] You and your whole f**kin canned groove it'll end tepid So when I pearl harbor don't let me catch you intrepid I'm tellin you the wishbone been broke in my favor, crumbcake your mistake Enterprise and see indelible, the number one feel-bad crew of the season Just give me one reason to splash I shall lower the flag half mast, take time to wallow Company flow the toughest penis sucky sucky So of course in an attempt to defend you end up unkempt Plus this agent get orange E-l-p-f-c-f rock for you First cousin to sleep, red dye number five be the potion Enter subterrean water from gem of fate like stop motion Best to get ak-a-nickulous Our masks aren't intangible Auto man verse mandible We answer to no one, we 911 Silent alarm this is harm fear the duck of learning El-p phase through these walls like vision Choked in the shallow water, a bad executive decision Release the crack and please put down your skin flutes How could ya... motherf**kers think ya... To this mercenary sunblock 2000 burner All of your knowledge is truant Unlearn all of the shit Then in overtime you become fluent, sell the f**kin store After I present enter the spectrum your career's never no more Enter the rectum And at twilight we'll skip stones and laugh about your poems But a blood-red book when the others got funcrushed is a spot The terror fabulously gets hot Co flow mossie, walt disney meets kaiser soze There will be no grand comebacks unless lazarus or kotter Inflicted bitch styles indicate with stigmata When locked in a box but you can't say jack Trying to paint them f**king red doors black Like that spilled milk spoiled While bill gates and ted turner rub each other down with olive oils Company flow, f**k please Bitch put away the f**kin piteous punchlines Blue blockers break under the red light, belittled by my design I don't try to be different I am So inevitably my style will survive when your now turns to then El-p, vastly crapaphobic 3-2-1 contact, never no more that's the promise You hold toast, well I hold thomas Golden nooks and crannies Win my ticket raffled off the recycled thought shoppin spree winner Congratu-f**king-lations, I dropped it now you got it But it's only a matter of time before waldo gets spotted Pulled out of the crowd and martyred, a good old fashioned stonin My children, the professional has left the f**kin buildin Check check check check check one two Until but for now You can't get run at night Curfews is issued in the daylight (repeat 3x) [r.a. the rugged man] * [speaks over chorus vocals] Yo yo, who the f**k think they know about this hip-hop shit? These motherf**kin kids live this shit Live they f**kin lives Who the f**k you think you are? talkin bout this rap shit These are the real motherf**kers (population control) This is the real hip-hop shit Some shit that none of y'all faggot motherf**kers know about That's word life! [bigg jus] The daylight goblin, even in the nights we rip shit up ("bless my soul!") The two franchise players that make your whole squad look butt Who brought the march madness competition til october Got you thinking that shit became a bit little harder These niggaz is f**king soldiers Indelible mercenaries that's why ballin gets me on the nutsack For the murderous intellect highly infections on contact You need to come quicker than that To snatch the cheddar from the mousetrap Small timer, it takes crazy engineering To f**k with anything from quantum physics to thought transmitters Next up be that over .400 switch hitter Out the park kingpin dave couldn't do justice ("bless my soul!") Pound for pound, it be these 2000 rap slugfests Hardcore when future emcees fight future wars But for now, I'm fightin a squad of super-whores Butt-f**king invincible coflow skills for take-out Where you can get the beef broccoli with extra duck sauce The quick draw, intend to keep cops reachin for the bearclaws Come meet the coney island intruder hit the arts way after midnight Had a scheme for a burner etched out tonight in graphite Apply the same ideology of b-boys demented to the mic And scratch the sounds like a quarter inch bolt broken off Coflow, coming at you from every verse payola shit Got stations blessin me off two thousand for every song minute Secretly teach background vocals in r&b clinics Until but for now You can't get run at night Curfews is issued in the daylight (repeat 3x) [r.a. the rugged man] * [speaks over all other vocals] Yo yo, this that mc shit That shit talkin bout, every mc in this f**kin room is broke Every one of em We do this shit for the love of the music That's word up, yo yo yo Check this, ? backers When's the last time you battled somebody you faggot motherf**ker? Yo yo, yo company flow in the house Yo, yo yo, yeah, eh-heh, a-hah, rugged man, hah [el-p] Population control.. Population control.. [bigg jus] Coflow, 1997, population control, servin niggaz [el-p] Population control.. Population control.. ("bless my soul!") Population control.. Population control.. Population control.. ("bless my soul!") ("hello, what's this? ")