Weight (Company Flow)

[Queen Heroin] Asides from gettin in you, the words will stain you Permanent like ink in epidermis, from tattoo artists to scar this, thought of partnership you may have fought for this position and status, this entrepeneurship Matter of fact, madness I planned this like serial killers are banished Flows aquatic like fishes' surroundings, underground and it's pounding, like pregnancies, with the expectancy of three times three, use my mental nine to climb like gladiator on wall, on call like physicians to deliver my labor you savor the flavor like Punisher to the cure A parent's birth picture, evade mixture of offspring Ring ring the alarm, cause I set strong cases of fire from my wire connections and disconnections to settin sparks cause then I'm wettin, microphone checkin Disrespectin amateurs plus they mentors don't be a sore sport if it's meant yours, just pretend I liked yours [J-Treds] I can be a bit demanding, acceptin, nothing less than the best I don't just flip shit anyone can kid, I stick the landing and stand out, amongst most so don't stress Trying to touch us, you can't come close like phone sex I stay ahead of the pack, if you f**kin with Treds know that I cover the spread so always bet on black I'll give you your money's worth, serve up somethin delicious While, most of these rappers be makin my tummy hurt Got me upset, sick of these crabs who can't kick it All addicted to rhyming, I'ma stick them in rehab Get em cleaned up you know, show em the light that they're all bark and no bite, like a tree trunk We slash and burn em, Indelibles, The Fire In Which suckers are finished, may they flow, rest in pieces Cause we're dominating, so while they're busy happy just to be nominated son, we give acceptance speeches Takin the crown, front doors, breaking em down We some BAD MOTHERFUCKERS, that's what many said They also said, your time will come, it's time to take it cause we just couldn't stand the wait like Jenny Craig [Bigg Jus] Now that's my man the scripture puzzler, bringin a pain device disguiser for infinite wisdom seeker knowledge of life rhyme provider ?on dudes that just strip time codes down for my feet? to master one-twenty-four bits at ninety-six KhZ While you just now trying to get up on Dungeon D&D Thinking Indelibles will crash and burn you must be lazy and obscene We fire sequential flyers, my verse ?provides wrecks in concert D? Slingin em 40 bottles frozen from rooftops and projects Beware watch below for falling objects, rupturing your optical Two one-hundred watt mono blocks is optional to try to match wits with the Diamondback unstoppable Background poseurs fiend for limelight exposure When we rally back touch the microphone playtime is over Who's trying to see the CF graf crew that visualize top to bottom, and stand out in New York like an L.A. gang tag do Master of mathematical empirical principal Metallic medicinal, mixed with herbs, science and mineral Yo crews start to walk, when we crack the five series hood Disengage the ?passive, rip open an issue casing? Trying to sidestep backwards when it's this rhymer that you facing [Brewin] Aiyyo, the bullseye pulls my leg and beggin for mercy My verse be the Don King-in, come out swinging I'll to kill it, apply my skill shit and the floor's coming Who ain't feelin my joint, so what that mean your jaw's numbing? Chill let me stop, gotta get my joint dislodged and retire armies of niggas, with my dishonorable discharge and get real, pulling from deep and you gots to play up? You talk about, "Respect mines," steady missin your layups Hoes to foes, I start staring, wild truculant heart tearing style, f**k you then, order your demise I'm well stocked, shell shocked, describin the bombs alarms incoming, when drum and vocal localize for niggaz talkin bout Lucci, must be modeling Susan Erika Kane bitch like, reputation for losing Listen do you hear voices saying, "Damn that's a sucker" Paranoid, looking like Fuzzy Zoeller at the Rukas [El-P] Hey yo my nihilist, stylus, cuts matter the finest The prime of the sequence hides my vicious defense assignment Your cacophonic visuals bond strictly to bitch tissue fissure Yeah, the burn from what I'm worth operation I hate, let's exterminate bandwidths and communicate physically Bezerk non happers will sleep on third rails for their cemetary Enlist as, from small pox to syphillis, all stars Shit on punchlines insidious kid, that you barf off Only buck fifty you ever handed out was with a Metro card I can fit the sum of your Tom Thumb concepts in a thimble Simple bitches, Doctor Death lacing barbed wire stitches A herd of mad cows bust through brick walls like Jumanji Sixty-Five upsetter, malicious sickness scatalogics Prophets turned skeptics, skeptics found Jesus Right-Wingers turned leftist, everybody jumped on the dick of independence Sorry we don't want you anymore get lost kid find an exit Bugged, isn't it? Huh, live you f**kin suckers I woulda been a witness to collapse your fame squadron Pardon me, still a fan trying to understand how to be a master For our Peoples who I see Dilated turn your f**kin grill to alabaster Indelibles... (Len scratches up various excerpts from "Fire in which you burn") Company Flow... J-Treds J-J-J-Juggaknots Company Flow... J-Treds J-J-J-Juggaknots Company Flow... Co-Co-Company Flow J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J-Treds J-J-J-J-J-Treds Jugga-Jugga-Juggaknots Jugga-Jugga-Juggaknots Com-pany-Flow