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Metropol (Brazil)

Take a breath Random streaks of light prevade The petrol perfume that I breathe Air Taken at the witching hour Missle launch and fuselage Rivets from a row of eyes Factory glass state of mind Glare Thus matching begets machine 1 is 10 is 423 Affectionate utility The death of time Replaces the need For age I think I tried to steal a kiss Amind hollow shriek and hiss Building's blacker then the sea The sky a wash of acid pain's Gray The air is thick and oil slick The architecture breathes anf its breath Soon I'll not want to go away Black and silver Soot stained eyes see fire and steel How can I tell if it's for real? I think sometimes today I'll rescue you away Andromeda can wait Je suis desole Nirvana encoded in concrete Follow your gray sillhouette