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My Mouth, My Lips (From Indian Lakes)

And I left my house behind To move in silence and never be seen again And who is to be my friend And I made my own bed Made from printed beliefs and opinions What will I teach my sons And all we get so far away And oh I can't get close But I can't keep quiet And if I can't keep my lips closed now And if you guide the lines of broken men to change The way that he thinks he feels Feel nothing at all, I feel nothing at all But if I run from my home to the hills and the trees Without the woods at my heels I run from nothing at all, I run from nothing at all And I took my closest friends And made a graveyard of things that we never did And things that we never said And when I look back at them Some were breathing but most had an ugly smile They begged me to stay a while The worst was that I saw them And I hate that they saw me too Are they sleeping in the grave I made Are we sleeping And if my God allows for me to speak again I only hope I am wiser I'll say nothing at all I'll say nothing at all But I can hear all the words spilling over my lips And I can taste every lie I've said nothing at all I've said nothing at all Will I say anything again (8x)